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Guest’s references from students at Ecole des Trois Ponts

Guest’s references from students at Ecole des Trois Ponts

If you would like former guests' opinions of Ecole des Trois Ponts, you could contact the following people.

Australie - Australia

Terry Hughes - Tel 7 3257 0240 Jenny Gardner -


  • Clare Posnack (NY) - Tel (212) 410 9355
  • Marcy Taylor (IN) - Tel (317) 251 5433
  • Joanne Barouch (NJ) -
  • Suzanne Wibby (CO) -
  • Joan Shapiro (CA) -
  • Grande Bretagne - Great Britain
  • Solveig Hamilton -
  • Ruth Appleby -
  • Stephanie Giesen -
  • Mark Simmons -
  • Helen Boothroyd -
  • Norris Bonser -

Allemagne - Deutschland

  • Renate &Thomas Foerster - Tel 211 25 32 86

Cooking Courses

  • Karen Parnicky (US) -
  • Ann Partridge (UK) -
  • Pastry/Baking Course & Chocolate Courses
  • Katrina Murphy (Irl) - (Pastry or Chocolate)
  • Joanna Barouch (USA) (Pastry)
  • Nancy Stork (USA) - (Pastry)


School Atmosphere

« All the ingredients for an educative and enjoyable insight into French culture – the food, the heritage, the bonhomie of an experience shared with friends. » Nancye and Paul , Australia

« Thank you a hell of a lot for the warm atmosphere. I felt very familiar and comfortable in your * home-castle* » Susanne , USA

« I have appreciated this * unusual* experience. I had many a laugh. » Val, Australia

« It appears that René has taken a lot of time to make sure that students are comfortable, with attention to details (hair dryers, mosquito-proofing, etc..) as well as more important things (access to telephones & computer). Staff is very helpful, too. » Mark, USA

French Country Cookery Courses

« We learnt a lot and the cooking course was wonderful. Till next time… »Barbara & Don, Maryland, USA

« Enjoyed the whole week…It was a great experience…The wine-tasting…a highlight of the week. But what made the week so special was the way you made me feel at home, as part of your family. » Karen, Australia

« Thank you for two most enjoyable weeks. As I said it was like being at home except the cooking is better… » John, England

« Thank you. The cooking was wonderful » Joanne, Canada

French Language Courses

« Thank you for your undying patience, energy & creativity. You make all classes great fun. » Kate, New York, USA

« Merci encore pour une semaine de pure joie ! » Clare, New York

« Je pense que j’ai appris beaucoup et aussi j’ai besoin d’apprendre ne peux pas penser d’une meilleure façon qu’un sejour chez vous » John, American living in Paris

« Ici j’ai trouvé l’endroit idéal pour apprendre et se détendre. L’accueil familial et les repas excellents combiné avec une formation intensive et individuelle.»

« Une autre année et beaucoup de choses superbes, intéressantes, amusantes, éducationnelles. Nous vous remercions pour la chance à vivre comme les français pendant une semaine » Ruth et Megan, USA

« Avec un euphémisme typiquement anglais, je dis sans aucun doute – j’ai été fortement encouragé par mes leçons, bien satisfait par la nourriture copieuse. Je pars avec de bons souvenirs d’une ambiance cordiale et d’un endroit toujours intéressant. » Tony, Bexhill-on-Sea, England

« Ambiance detendue et belle qui fait que c’est facile à apprendre »


I attended the French classes beginning on Aug. 5 for two weeks. My teachers were Pascal and Katrine. After leaving Roanne and the school, I attended a painting workshop near M... The comparison intensified my admiration for your operation at Ecole des Trois Ponts.

At the end of my first week with you I received an evaluation sheet. I never completed it for submission even though I had intended to do so after week 2. Actually as I logged onto this email site, I thought that having that form on the site as a backup might be a good idea. Since I returned home the other day, I have had a strong impulse to write to you to say how much I enjoyed my stay with you...

Your methods of teaching are superb. The interactive exercises helped me to find my own way within the language. Both Pascal and Catherine were excellent teachers and prepared very well for every class. The fact that the classes were small allowed each student to participate frequently. The feeling of freedom to express oneself made for exciting classes as opposed to other schools who operate with an ecoutez, repetez method. The accommodations were perfect in my view. My bed was firm and comfortable. The meals were consistently wonderful. The friendly atmosphere with everyone sharing in the conversation including the host and chef created the feeling that one was at home. I loved sitting at the French table even though I struggled with my language ability.

Your coffee machine is a marvel. That machine served almost as an icon of your generosity. It was available to everyone at all times. Having wine with dinner each night as part of the course was an extraordinary benefit.

After leaving the villa I conducted several transactions for train tickets and other mundane needs totally in French. I was proud of myself even though I know my limitations. I learned to take risks and did manage to make myself understood. When I teach English, I use a saying that contrast is necessary for vision. I saw your school as excellent before I left, but after experiencing another school which suffered by comparison, yours shone even brighter than it did at first. I thank you for a perfect two weeks filled with the pleasure of learning and the pleasure of good company and good food.

J'ai l'envie retourner. I intend to spread the word and tell all my friends about your edenic community. You may use my name, address and whatever information you wish so others may learn about your excellent school.

Gratefully, Cathleen Mco

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